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Beef Quarter November

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A split quarter beef (even portion of front and hind quarters).   

Price is $8.67 per pound of packaged beef.

Bagged and delivered to any regular market or delivery point, or may be picked up at the ranch.

90 Pounds of beef: Total price $780

The Quarter Pack is made up of seasonal variations of the following:

* Chuck/Shoulder/Seven roasts
* Rump/Pykes Peak/Sirloin roast
* Brisket
* 8 Rib steaks (Bone-in and/or boneless)
* 6 New York Strip steaks
* 6 Filet Mignon (tenderloin)
* 8 Top Sirloin steaks
* 4 packages Cutlets
* 2 Flank/Skirt (Fajita)
* 6 Shank/neck soup bones
* Short Ribs
* Stir fry
* Kabobs
* Stew beef
* Chili Beef
* 8 1/3 lb hamburger patties (1 lb packs)
* 12 to 16 1 lb chubs of ground beef



Producer: Wild Type Ranch
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